Tailored Vehicle Solutions for Industry-Specific Needs

We specialize in delivering customized vehicle solutions across various sectors including Transport & Logistics, Construction, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Public Services, and Temperature-Controlled Transport. Our focus is on enhancing efficiency and reliability, ensuring our tailored offerings meet the unique demands of each industry with precision and excellence.

Transport & Logistic

Offering tailor-made solutions encompassing vehicles, bodywork, energy, and cold technology, we provide an all-encompassing integrated service on local, national, and international scales. Backed by 24/7 assistance, we ensure uninterrupted operations to fulfill your delivery needs, optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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Construction, Environment, Energy & Waste

We specialize in tailoring vehicles and equipment to meet your specific needs providing comprehensive mechanical and hydraulic maintenance, along with digital services aimed at optimizing the productivity of your fleet. Partnering with industry leaders in working height, payload, crane reach, vehicle traction, and asphalt hatch, we customize and serve large fleets comprising cherry pickers, skip loaders, tipper trucks, crane trucks, and waste collection trucks.

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Food & Beverage

To best preserve the cold chain, we offer you refrigerated vehicles that comply with all regulations and are equipped with telematics solutions necessary for real-time temperature traceability. We customized body and tail lift to secure your productivity.

With a wide range of cold technologies: Whether it’s single or multi-temperature, directed cooling, or cryogenics, our solutions are tailored to suit your business.

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We provide a meticulously designed range of solutions tailored for healthcare professionals and those in the social and solidarity economy. Our offerings include specialized vehicles dedicated to the emergency and safe transport of patients and disabled individuals. With our 24/7 organization, we ensure a high standard of secured and safe operation for ambulances, transportation for individuals with reduced mobility, and vans.



Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your business under any circumstances, delivering innovative, turnkey services for your clients are our firm commitments to the retail sector. We offer a diverse array of solutions to reduce carbon footprint, encompassing telematics, route management, and contributions to carbon offset. Additionally, our 100% digital rental service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the end consumers.

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Public authorities

For a long time, we have been supporting public service entities in their mission of general interest. With a dedicated tender department, an advisory approach focused on fleet greening, and the widest range in the market, we provide a tailor-made solution. Our tender and consultation teams have extensive experience in public procurement rules, and we are experts in the current standards and regulations governing vehicles used to provide public services.

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