Driving Excellence

Our strategy is rooted in 80 years of experience, where we’ve learned the value of customer collaboration, sustainability, and maintaining leadership.

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Our focus is on delivering premium customer satisfaction as we expand and fortify our European presence. We are dedicated to supporting our customers in their journey towards fleet decarbonization with a team of committed and expert professionals across Europe.

Premium customer satisfaction

We are committed to continuously enhancing customer satisfaction at Fraikin through operational excellence and advanced digitalisation. Our approach guarantees efficient, customer-centric full service operational leasing and rental solutions, tailored to deliver an unmatched, seamless daily experience for our clients. Supporting the most efficient fleet operations for our customers.


Expand and Strengthen Our European Platform

Leveraging our established presence in 10 European countries, Fraikin is actively advancing into new markets with our specialised full service operational leasing and rental solutions. Our expansion is not just a growth strategy; it’s an opportunity to embrace new customers, offering them unparalleled service and a commitment to excellence. As we broaden our footprint, our focus remains on delivering superior value and cultivating enduring partnerships that benefit our clients and strengthen our position across Europe.

Fraikin Area

Pioneering Fleet Decarbonisation

We know the evolving European and local regulations, fusing innovative powertrains with OEMs, and comprehending your unique operational context and environmental footprint, all in harmony with the regional energy infrastructure.  Understanding decarbonisation is a journey that takes several years, we craft a customised path that guarantees not only compliance with evolving regulations but also the secure and sustainable operation of your vehicles.


I believe that the best way to predict the future is to build it together with our customers, we do so with our exceptional employees and their pragmatic approach guiding the way.

Yves Pétin

CEO Fraikin Group