Our leadership

The Fraikin Group is led by the Executive Committee, encompassing leaders from five critical functions and various country departments, ensuring effective management and strategic direction across the organization.

Executive Committee

Yves Pétin
Chief Executive Officer

Bringing a wealth of B2B service experience, he joined in 2022 to position Fraikin as a European leading platform, skillfully combining strategic foresight with hands-on operational expertise.

Frédéric d´Ussel
Chief Financial Officer

Frédéric is the guarantor of the financial stability of the Fraikin Group. Its objective is to consolidate the Fraikin Group’s position and to support its evolution.

Edward Breedveld
Chief Digital Officer

With over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing various online technologies and e-commerce platforms, Edward leads the Group’s digital innovation center based in the Netherlands.

Olivier Renard
Chief Executive Officer France

As a seasoned leader with extensive experience in our industry, Olivier joined Fraikin as the CEO of Fraikin France after he led Via Location till the takeover by Fraikin.

Peter Backhouse
Chief Executive Officer United Kingdom

With over 20 years of experience in the operational lease of commercial vehicles and distribution industries, Peter has been leading our business across the Channel for more than 6 years now.

Martí Batallé
Chief Executive Southwest Europe

Over the last 25 years, Martì has passionately and skillfully developed our Spanish business, leading it to become the Group’s second-largest.

Ronan Bourgain
Chief Development Officer & CEO Central Europe

Ronan joined in 2023 and brings 10 years of mobility and B2B experience, to enhance the group’s development in countries such as Poland, Benelux, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, while also spearheading the decarbonisation of our fleet.

Alain-François Pialat
Chief People Officer

During the last 19 years, Alain-François has played a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of the Group and promoting the well-being of its employees. He serves as the ambassador of Fraikin’s values.

Caroline Bousquet
Chief Legal and Compliance

As a lawyer, Caroline joined the Fraikin Group 9 years ago. With a wealth of experience in our industry, she now leads Legal and Compliance as a business partner.


Driven by Leadership, United in Excellence

At Fraikin, our leadership is the driving force behind a dedicated team that comes together every day to ensure excellence and reliability, so you can take the road with confidence.