Shareholder Commitment

Empowered by the strategic alliance of global investors, Fraikin drives forward with innovation and excellence at the core of fleet management

Together, these shareholders form a formidable foundation of financial and strategic support for Fraikin, enabling us to pursue ambitious goals and ensure that we remain at the forefront of the fleet management industry. Their collective belief in our mission and strategy is a testament to the strength and potential of our company. With such robust support, Fraikin is well-positioned to maintain its leadership position and continue delivering exceptional value to our customers and stakeholders.

Strategic shareholders

Fraikin’s robust market presence and strategic direction are underpinned by the unwavering commitment of our main shareholders altogether they represent a cohort of global investment entities that bolster our strategic initiatives and fuel our growth. Their diverse expertise and financial stewardship provide us with the solid backing necessary to navigate the competitive landscape of fleet management and commercial vehicle services. The leadership team at Fraikin doubles as shareholders, showcasing their dedication alongside other principal investors.