An ethical and
responsible Group

Fraikin focus on its ESG strategy, creating a robust programme that helps key stakeholders understand how our organisation manages the risks and opportunities to achieve a sustainable value creating business model.

Fraikin’s CSR policy is based on the respect of ethical principles, the preservation of the environment, the consideration of social issues and the principle of equal opportunity. This solid policy has enabled Fraikin Group to be ranked among the top 1% of companies in its sector.

Discover Our CSR Pillars

  1. Integrating CSR principles into our relationships with each of our stakeholders, whether they are economic, societal, or organizational.
  2. Acting in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to CSR.
  3. Reducing environmental impacts resulting from our activities through preventive actions, measurement, monitoring, and reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Developing Human Capital to enhance the company’s attractiveness and employee experience.
  5. Supporting our clients in energy transition, notably by actively contributing to innovative projects that help us achieve our Sustainable Development goals.


CSR Report 2022

Download the latest CSR report for Fraikin

Our ethical responsibility

Ethics and the fight against corruption: the pillars of our responsibility

Ethics is an essential pillar of the Group’s responsibility. We have adopted an Ethics Charter that defines individual and collective behaviour to ensure healthy, balanced and transparent relationships with all our stakeholders.

In addition, an anti-bribery code of conduct enables employees to understand the concepts of corruption, influence peddling and conflicts of interest, and to adapt their behaviour on a daily basis.

A responsible purchasing policy

In terms of purchasing, Fraikin’s goal is to buy in a way that has a positive impact on the region. In order to place CSR at the heart of its purchasing process, Fraikin Group has made use of the ISO 20400 standard. Our responsible purchasing policy takes into account the following factors:

  • ethics: fight against illegal work, reduction in discrimination
    environment: control of environmental impact, waste management, management of hazardous products, etc.
  • social: working conditions, workforce integration, etc.

Certified quality management

In addition, the Group has long applied the principles of quality management certified by the ISO 9001 standard. This certificate validates, among other things, our strong customer focus, the motivation and commitment of management, the process approach and continuous improvement. Fraikin actively works on continual improvement across all its locations with sustainability and ESG as a core enabler to long-term success.