Our responsibility as an employer

As a responsible employer, Fraikin is developing an ever safer working environment for its employees. In the UK, the awarding of ISO 45001 certification is attributable to a comprehensive approach to both physical and mental health. It places the protection of our employees’ health at the forefront of all processes and planning. This certification has a definite impact on the way the public, job applicants and customers perceive our company.

An ambitious disability policy

Fraikin Group has introduced a “Mission Handicap” policy for the recruitment and integration of disabled employees, to prepare for the future and while applying an inclusive approach. It also involves adapting workstations and supporting the employees concerned so that they obtain recognition of their status as disabled workers.


Equity, diversity, and inclusion are not merely subjects or goals; they are prerequisites. In our fields with talent shortages, every skill is essential, and we cannot afford to exclude anyone.

Suzanne Condes

Fraikin UK HR Director 

All contributors to an inclusive and egalitarian company

Finally, equity,diversity and inclusion is a factor that shapes social cohesion in the company and in society as a whole. At Fraikin, it is also a source of innovation and performance. At all levels of the company, each employee has a personal responsibility to build and maintain an inclusive culture by participating in the integration of differences and the fight against discrimination.  Fraikin is committed to increasing the presence of women in its workforce at all levels of the company. The Group focuses on a hierarchical and functional balance to strengthen gender equality in the workplace. We are committed to ensuring strict equality of opportunity and treatment.