Solid Fleet Financing

Feeding growth with trusted partnerships

At Fraikin, our extensive fleet of approximately 60,000 vehicles, valued at a gross book value of 3 billion Euro, is the cornerstone of our service offering. The strategic financing of this fleet is vital to ensuring the continuity and growth of our business. It is with this understanding that we have cultivated long-standing relationships with leading global financing partners.

Fleet Financing: A Pillar of Our Operations

The financial health and flexibility of Fraikin are bolstered by our partnerships with some of the most reputable names in banking and finance. These collaborations are not just transactions; they are strategic alliances that fuel our ability to deliver top-tier fleet services to our clients.

Financing Our Fleet Through Strategic Debt

Our goal is to finance our entire fleet exclusively through debt, utilising a structured approach anchored by three key financial mechanisms:

  • Asset-Based Securitisation: Securing €1.4 billion through the securitisation of our fleet assets.
  • Asset-Based Lending: Leveraging our assets to obtain loans that match our funding needs.
  • Financial Leasing: Engaging in leasing arrangements that facilitate the strategic acquisition of fleet vehicles.

Securitisation Program and Economic Strategy

Our securitisation program is rated by a prime worldwide agency, indicating strong financial health and reliability. This strategic financial structure is designed to support vital assets within the global economy, offering:

  • Diversified Market Risk: Mitigating risk effectively with no over-concentration in any single market, thanks to our broad fleet and diverse customer base.
  • Predictable Utility and Value: Ensuring a reliable economic lifespan and maintaining residual value for our assets.
  • Decarbonisation Certificates: Exploring additional certifications to bolster our strategy for reducing carbon emissions.