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NeXa an enhanced real-time fleet management platform

Fraikin launches NeXa in Benelux, setting a new standard in fleet management with advanced integration and real-time data. This move not only boosts efficiency and sustainability in the region’s fleets but also underscores our commitment to innovation and a greener approach to operations. The rollout in Rotterdam, known for its focus on digital innovation and sustainability and the location of Fraikin’s Innovation Hub, highlights our dedication to progress. This launch, a collective achievement of our development team, marks a significant step in evolving fleet management practices.

NeXa: More Than Just a Platform

NeXa transcends traditional fleet management tools by acting as a central hub, connecting every facet of the operational lease and rental ecosystem. From drivers to service providers, NeXa’s real-time data capabilities ensure every stakeholder is synced and informed, driving efficiency and enhancing decision-making across the board.

A Seamless, Integrated Ecosystem

At its core, NeXa is about integration. It unites disparate elements of fleet operations into a cohesive, intuitive platform, simplifying workflows and enhancing efficiency. This holistic approach means better vehicle maintenance, improved uptime, and a customer service experience that sets new industry standards.

Paving the Way with AI and Decarbonisation

NeXa isn’t stopping at integration. It’s setting the stage for AI-driven advancements that promise to redefine fleet insights and operational capabilities. Moreover, NeXa is aligning with global sustainability goals, providing the tools and services necessary for fleets to transition towards decarbonisation, marking a significant step towards cleaner, more responsible fleet operations.