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Our blend of proven expertise in creating bespoke, tailor-made commercial vehicle solutions extends beyond mere transportation; we understand that each vehicle is a vital tool enabling our clients to conduct their business efficiently and effectively. For over 80 years, we’ve been not just a provider, but a partner in progress, recognising that our success is measured by how well we support the ambitions and operations of those we serve.


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Highlights Key Industry Trends and Strategic Vision
€1.47 Billion Fleet Financing Renewal to Drive European Growth and Sustainability
NeXa an enhanced real-time fleet management platform
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Full-Year 2023 Financial Results: Sustaining robust performance
Fraikin achievement: Great Place To Work in Europe

Fraikin Group at a Glance

For over 80 years, Fraikin has been providing companies of all sizes and industries with innovative and customised fleet management and mobility solutions. It is thanks to the trust of our customers that we are now the European leader in the rental of commercial vehicles, fully established in Europe.


Vehicles in our diverse fleet with €1 Billion net revenue


Customers operating in multi-sectors


Countries with 3200 employees

One-stop Shop

Full service lease

Our full-service lease solutions are meticulously designed for both flexibility and cost-effectiveness, harmonizing seamlessly with the individual strategies of each client, making them the ideal choice for businesses seeking comprehensive vehicle solutions within a 3 to 5-year usage period.

Rental Solutions

We provide short- and mid-term rental solutions, accommodating both seasonal surges and extended needs, with short-term rentals available for periods of less than a month and mid-term options tailored for durations of less than a year.

Fleet Management

Our 24/7 expertly tailored fleet management services extend to customer-owned vehicles, delivering the same level of excellence as our full-service lease solutions. This allows you to concentrate on your core business operations while we enhance integrated fleet performance and management, all in one convenient place.

NeXa Mobility Platform

NeXa revolutionises your fleet management experience by seamlessly integrating data across various vehicle types, offering a unified fleet overview. It serves as your central hub for all maintenance needs, ensuring complete vehicle care and enabling confident, worry-free driving.

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Integrated Approach for Fleet Decarbonisation

Discover how Fraikin is leading the way in sustainable fleet management with our comprehensive approach to decarbonisation.


You drive, we care

Fraikin’s CSR policy is based on the respect of ethical principles, the preservation of the environment, the consideration of social issues and the principle of equal opportunity.