The FRAIKIN Group issues its 2018 CSR report

FRAIKIN Group, Europe’s leading provider of rentals of commercial and industrial vehicles and a pioneer in smart services for subcontracting and fleet management, is always innovating and adapting to help its clients meet the needs of their customers. The company aims to provide its clients with services and solutions to manage their fleets to enable them to focus on their core business.

FRAIKIN knows that it owes its success and market leadership to its employees, partners and clients who put their trust in the group. As such, year after year FRAIKIN strives to strengthen its commitments to innovating, ramping up its employees’ skills, managing risks, serving its clients and respecting the environment in the interest of humane, responsible, innovative and sustainable transport.

Europe’s leading provider of long-term rentals of industrial and commercial vehicles has made its customers the linchpin of its business model. The goal of excellence it works toward translates into exacting demands in terms of service, quality, responsiveness and innovation along its entire value chain.

As an advocate of sustainable mobility alternatives, FRAIKIN gives companies unbiased support in their energy transition with an emphasis on economic reality. Thus, the expert addresses the four main reasons which motivate its clients to implement more eco-friendly services: control over their environmental impact, compliance with regulations, financial savings and business and marketing goals.

FRAIKIN is an experienced observer of economic conditions in its sector and is well acquainted with renewable energies, which means it is contacted regularly by professional associations and institutions to share its point of view and provide a pragmatic take on the topic. The group is, in particular, a member of AFGNV, the French Association of Natural Gas Vehicles.

In addition, the company has set up FRAIKIN campuses, which work to raise awareness among its clients and promote alternative energies. Today the company is the biggest leaser of industrial vehicles powered by gas, which is the preferred energy type for long-haul transport. To offer even better service to its clients who use this energy source, FRAIKIN is devoted to certifying its branches to perform maintenance on gas vehicles. Five branches have been certified so far.

At the same time, FRAIKIN follows a policy of rapid vehicle replacement: the impact of the new European environmental standards are felt more swiftly within the group than the market average.

A commitment that FRAIKIN also pursues internally: policies have been in place for several years to address waste management, operations and resource preservation which enable savings and a reduced environmental impact. Similarly, employees are exposed on a daily basis to information about the eco-responsible features of the company’s infrastructure and its eco-actions, such as the modernisation of vehicle gantry washes to nearly halve electricity and water consumption, solvent-free degreasing and the use of methanol-free windscreen wiper fluid.

Beyond energy matters, FRAIKIN promotes the innovations that help improve not just the environmental impact of heavy goods vehicles and industrial vehicles, but their social impact as well. On the innovation front, the group helps its clients learn to use tools in the four core areas it has identified: energy,  vehicle technologies, data and new uses. The onboard technologies proposed by the company make it possible to reduce road risks and reduce fuel consumption, for example.

To bring its clients the most innovative and appropriate solutions and to best meet their specific needs, FRAIKIN Group sees its suppliers as playing a vital role. This is why FRAIKIN works to build healthy, ongoing business relationships based on rigour, mutual respect and equity with its suppliers, whom it chooses carefully based on the complementarity, competitiveness, quality and safety of the products or services they provide.

In April 2018, to showcase its suppliers, the hire company organised the first edition of Connection Days, an international event to bring together the FRAIKIN teams, their strategic partners and their current and potential customers for seminars, workshops and exhibits featuring vehicles and equipment. In the same vein, the company regularly hands out Supplier Awards to recognise its partners for a variety of achievements: reliability, innovation, loyalty, etc.

But most importantly, FRAIKIN views its employees as the reason for its success and supports them throughout their careers. For example, the company relies on work-study programmes to recruit a workforce trained in the special needs of its business and offers abundant training opportunities, especially through its Trade School. Thanks to its various initiatives, such as the Top Tech Challenge, which rewards technical expertise, FRAIKIN incorporates recognition, because it contributes to work quality and drives performance. The company also boosts the employability of its personnel, for example by helping them to pass their driver’s licence exams for heavy goods vehicles and buses.

In parallel, FRAIKIN has also committed to better integrating the realities of disability by setting up a Disability Mission that aims to deepen and organise its efforts to employ disabled workers. In particular, the company h aims to recruit 15 to 20 disabled individuals within three years.

The group is especially dedicated to the safety and integrity of its teams. It is especially vigilant about protection against the risk of injury, equipment ergonomics and the assessment of chemical risks.

Finally, for FRAIKIN, information systems security is a top priority, as well as a supplemental, cross-cutting criterion in its CSR Policy. One of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which entered into force in May 2018 was that each company appoint a personal data protection officer. At FRAIKIN, this role is filled by Rodolphe Caget, Data Protection and CSR Officer. He is responsible for bringing the company into compliance and maintaining its compliance. A GDPR coordinator was also named at each of the group’s subsidiaries.

FRAIKIN Germany and FRAIKIN Group won the ‘European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020‘, which is handed out every two years by the German magazine Transport, in the ‘Rentals‘ category. A panel of experts assessed the environmental and economic aspects , as well as the social accountability of participants with regard to their products, services and business strategy. That panel recognised the many activities and projects of FRAIKIN Group in Europe, which demonstrate each day that sustainability is at the heart of its business model.

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