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FRAIKIN, European leader in fleet management solutions for utility and industrial vehicles, has signed a significant partnership agreement with a leading group in Martinique operating within the distribution and automotive leasing sectors in France’s overseas territories. With this new initiative, FRAIKIN will be able to duplicate this business model and accelerate its international development.

FRAIKIN will rely on the teams and organisations at Bamitel in Martinique, Carmo-Pro in Guadeloupe, Matoubam in French Guiana and Remirex on the island of La Réunion. All these organisations, heavy goods vehicle dealerships and vehicle leasing centres already have dedicated teams in place to focus on this new activity, alongside repair workshops and a fleet of vehicles in FRAIKIN colours. The first long-term contract was signed in Martinique, sounding the starting gun on the brand’s development in these territories.


“This collaboration is the first brand licensing agreement that the FRAIKIN Group has entered into. It will allow us to simultaneously support our customers throughout the entire   French territory, while also formalising and spreading our expertise acquired over the last 75 years further than ever before. Finally, the success of this partnership could lead to a rethinking of our international development strategy by duplicating this business model to establish ourselves in new regions”, adds Olivier Bodeau, Brand Licensing Project Manager at FRAIKIN.





FRAIKIN is a leader in Europe with more than 75 years’ experience, €716m turnover in 2018, more than 60,000 vehicles in circulation in 15 countries and 2,800 employees. The Group provides competitive, safe, high-value-added solutions for all commercial and industrial vehicle fleets.

FRAIKIN is at the vanguard of smart services in subcontracting and vehicle fleet management and is a leader in long-term leasing of commercial and industrial vehicles. It is constantly innovating and evolving to help its 7,000 customers meet the needs of their clientèle.

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