FRAIKIN commits to a responsible approach to environmental and social issues

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018, requires the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO). In accordance with this obligation, and because of the increasing challenges of environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and data protection for companies, the FRAIKIN Group has decided to establish the role of Data Protection and CSR Officer, which is now held by Rodolphe Caget.


Since 1 October 2018, Rodolphe Caget, previously Director of Projects and Operational Coordination, is now Director of Data Protection and CSR, part of the Legal and Insurance Department within the FRAIKIN Group.

As such, he is responsible for organising the Group’s strategy on sustainable development as a whole, including human resources, production, prevention, safety, etc., and will advise on best practices, promote CSR initiatives, take part in introducing and developing our CSR approach, organise awareness campaigns, etc., across the Group.

Also acting as Data Protection Officer and Master Data Manager, his role will be to ensure the Group complies with GDPR guidelines.

Creating this role and Rodolphe’s appointment are part of our commitment – made several years ago as the leading long-term leasing operator for industrial and commercial vehicles – on innovation, raising the skills of our employees, managing risks and respecting the environment for more humane, responsible and sustainable transport.


FRAIKIN is putting issues related to the environmental transition at the heart of its business model. “Through innovation and service, we’re helping our customers respect their own commitments”, explains Pierre-Louis Colin, CEO of FRAIKIN Group. To meet the triple challenge of climate change, air quality and urban congestion, the company is working closely with manufacturers, bodywork designers and parts manufacturers to bring to market the most appropriate new technologies, and is engaged with a number of national and European working groups on the matter.


As a leading leasing company and pioneer in smart subcontracting and fleet management, the company has been working alongside logistics expert Martin Brower and bodywork designer Chéreau to develop a restaurant kitchen waste collection system, for example, which is integrated within our delivery lorries. A vacuum tank under the lorry simply draws in the waste, without having to leave the vehicle’s engine running. Noise associated with the vehicle’s operation is therefore reduced, in accordance with the Certibruit noise charter and Piek certification. Recovered kitchen waste is then transformed into biogas, contributing to the creation of a virtuous cycle.


In the United Kingdom, FRAIKIN has put the first rigid lorry equipped with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) into circulation, a braking system that captures some of the kinetic energy generated by braking and puts it back into the engine. This system represents a major turning point in urban lorry operation by offering significant fuel savings whilst reducing emissions.


Faced with new technologies and a growing interest in alternative energy, FRAIKIN has also committed to supporting its customers in the energy transition wisely by clarifying their choices without ideological bias. The Group is raising awareness of the energy transition as part of a more global reflection: adopting a new form of energy requires changes to route planning, driving and, potentially, infrastructure, which all needs to be addressed.


Faced with the enormous complexity of equipment, as a leasing company and promoter, we have an important advisory role to play with our customers and, as a responsible company, the ability to put clean vehicles into circulation”, adds Pierre-Louis Colin, Group CEO. By providing companies with lorries that are genuinely adapted to their transport needs, the lorry leasing sector is helping to reduce the number of vehicles needed by 10%, and therefore air pollution and urban congestion as a result. Lessors are also part of the fleet renewal process for vehicles in circulation, with new heavy goods vehicles benefiting from the latest engine technology and, for a growing share, alternative fuels that are less polluting.


Responsibility, boldness, expertise and reliability: our business is based on these four key values and shared by our 2,800 employees. FRAIKIN’s men and women are all aware of the environmental responsibility of our infrastructure and adopt virtuous behaviour on a daily basis”, emphasises Pierre-Louis Colin. Those are the same employees who the company strives to support and value each and every day by allowing them to gain skills and qualifications and develop towards more expertise, managerial positions or even international opportunities. FRAIKIN France, for example, has created its own School of Industry and introduced the Top Tech Challenge, a competition that showcases excellence and technical expertise in terms of skills, as well as methods and safety.


Health and safety at work is a responsibility FRAIKIN takes seriously. A ‘Training, Health and Safety’ department was created at the end of 2015 in order to structure our approach to health and safety in the workplace across our network of French agencies. In addition to safety audits and reinforcing work instructions, particular vigilance is paid to personal protective equipment.


To find out more about the various measures being introduced by FRAIKIN in France, in other countries and at Group level, please consult

FRAIKIN’s full Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2017

via OPEN2EUROPE – Sarah Ousahla – +33 (0)1 55 02 15 31



FRAIKIN is a leader in Europe with more than 70 years’ experience, €683m turnover in 2017, more than 58,000 vehicles in circulation in 15 countries and 2,800 employees. The Group provides competitive, safe, high-value-added solutions for all commercial and industrial vehicle fleets.

FRAIKIN is at the vanguard of smart services in subcontracting and vehicle fleet management and is a leader in long-term leasing of commercial and industrial vehicles. It is constantly innovating and evolving to help its 7,000 customers meet the needs of their clientèle.

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