The Autorité de la Concurrence (Competition Authority) authorises FRAIKIN to buy VIA Location

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The FRAIKIN Group, a leader in long-term leasing of commercial and industrial vehicles in Europe, has announced that, on the 23 September 2020, the Autorité de la Concurrence gave it its authorisation to purchase VIA Location subject to some limited and targeted assignments that do not affect the transaction’s balance, following the start of exclusive negotiations with VIA Location’s shareholders last October with a view to its acquisition. 

Colombes, 25 September 2020 – Active in commercial and industrial vehicle leasing, the new Group, composed of FRAIKIN and VIA Location, will also offer fleet management and second-hand vehicle sale activities. It will comprise about 3,500 employees and should achieve a turnover close to a billion euros.

With this purchase, FRAIKIN, which over the past 75 years has become a reference in Europe in its line of business, confirms its wish to maintain its position as European leader in the sector, offer a wide range of innovative services thanks to two strong brands with a dense national network, and capitalise on its unique know-how whilst preserving the identity of the two networks.

This project should be completed by the end of October 2020.

“I’m very happy to see this wonderful adventure become a reality! The addition of VIA Location’s skills is a great opportunity for FRAIKIN’s development. The two companies share a long history with strong brands, extensive national networks, and above all, with a similar DNA and vision. In particular, this operation will help us to offer a wider range of innovative services to customers”, declared Philippe Mellier, CEO of the FRAIKIN Group